Morrow BioScience Ltd. incorporates the principles of integrated pest management in all their mosquito management and control activities, whether they are West Nile Virus or nuisance targeted. Problem mosquito populations are reduced when justifiably necessary and using methods having the least possible impact on the ecosystem. Morrow does not support the use of indiscriminate chemical control methods.

Morrow is the longest established mosquito management firm in British Columbia and is proud to continue to provide the professional service their clients demand. The high level of experience and dedication of Morrow’s staff ensures that their current clients, including some of the largest cites and regional districts in BC, receive the expert information and programs they require.

Our approach to Integrated Mosquito Management includes:
Nuisance Management
West Nile Virus Programs
Fraser Valley Regional District contracts Morrow BioScience Ltd. for Control of Nuisance Mosquitoes and West Nile Virus Surveillance and Planning.

The FVRD mosquito control program (formerly in-house) ranks as one of the largest and longest established in British Columbia.

West Nile Virus Mosquito Tip
Reduce breeding areas for mosquitoes around your home.

Find out more about reducing mosquito rearing sites around your home and information about West Nile Virus.

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